Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Water Nazi

is Draytonville Water Works. A story I gotta tell!
We left home Wednesday morning after taking good, hot showers and spent the day in Spartanburg. As we came home, we passed some fellows working on the water on our road. Now, we were not notified that there would be NO WATER all day Wednesday! So, I cooked dinner, made jam and made quite a mess of dishes. At 5 our water came back on, finally. So, when I got home from church, I had a sink full of dishes and kids to get baths before bed. Guess what? NO HOT WATER! The breaker had shut off the power to the water heater. Barry switched on the breaker and we waited 30 minutes, an hour, two hours and still no hot water. I emptied my closet (cause some idiot thought it would be a good place for a hot water heater )so Barry could hit the reset button on the hot water heater. We thought we would have water in the morning so we did the sponge bath thing with boiled water added to very shallow baths. Thursday morning, still no hot water. Now we thought, Draytonville Water Works while working on the water lines up the road unintentionally drained our HWH tank and caused the elements to burn out. So Barry called them to inform them. Of course, here is what he was told "You must have done something wrong when you got home to blow out your own HWH elements". We, the homeowner, were never notified of any work being done before or after the fact. The only reason we knew about it was because we saw them on the roadside. What could we have done wrong? So, we rode by Draytonville Water Works and was talking to a nice lady at the window when from out of her corner, the Water Nazi appeared with her hands on her hips and in a very nasty tone of voice barked at ME " Our men went down and checked your meter and you have a leak on your side of the meter box so this is your fault". Now, they check our water meter every month so if there was a leak in that box, it should have been reported to us. I know this is how politely the City of Shelby water employees are. I have seen many work orders that have hand written notes by the meter readers that say "Please notify homeowner of a leak on their side of the meter". Instead, they never told us and knowing that could have saved our HWH. I pay my water bill every month to keep water coming into my house. They were aware of the leak. If they knew that cutting our water off would cause our HWH to drain and thus burn out the element. Why are they not responsible? I hate it when people do not take pride in the job that they are holding. Some people just take up space within a company and draw a paycheck. I am glad that I took care of my customers while I was employed. If I am ever employed anywhere else, I will not treat anyone the way I was treated yesterday by the Water Nazi at Draytonville Water Works. Maybe she has corns, maybe she had a migraine or maybe she is just like that all of the time. I hope I never have to deal with her again. We are talking about how nice it would be to have our old well back or even the old pump house that used to feed the best spring water up the hill to my Papa Bo's house long before the Water Nazi ever got her job. And in that time, I remember that people were glad to have the jobs they had and were friendly to folks no matter what. Maybe I was just a kid then and did not see anyone behave like the Water Nazi did yesterday but I would like to think that there was a time when people just really did try to serve one another with a smile. And I pray that someday that time will come back around.
Also, my fabulous BIL came down and helped Barry replace the element in our HWH last night. So we are clean and we smell good. I know that the Lord will bless Chris for his kind deed.
Barry, the boys and I are making and serving lunch at the Soup Kitchen tomorrow. Tonight, it's PMS night for the ladies at the Gaffney Senior Center. We'll have pizza, music and stamping!
Y'all take care and see ya back here soon.