Saturday, January 24, 2009

No More Little Caesar's for us!

We had a shift manager at the Little Caesar's in Gaffney, SC committ a lewd hand gesture on our family last night as we were leaving from picking up our order from her store. Shocked by her gesture, Barry called her store manager and reported the incident. We have decided that there are other places that, during these poor economic times , might value our business more than Tracy at Little Caesar's does. I will post the entire story as I as typed it to Little Caesar's corporate office sometime tomorrow. I will also update you if we hear anything back from Little Caesar's. Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, House of Pizza, and any other place except Little Caesar's will be getting our weekly pizza order from this point on.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My new ride!

Lookie at what my honey got me yesterday. We are taking a big family vacation this summer and will now be traveling in luxury. It has everything a mom could ask for. The remote headphones allow the kids to watch their movie while we talk or listen to the radio. The leather seats are so comfie. Jack (grandson) does not like the sunroof. Today he told Barry "Close it Papa. It's gonna suck me out." This was the easiest purchase of a vehicle either of us have made. The dealership treated us famously and we were done so quickly. The boys just wanna ride around and watch movies. Last night when Barry had to go to Wal-Mart, I sat in the van with the boys while they watched a movie. I could not believe that they did not want to go in and shop the electronics dept or the toys. This van will save us thousands!