Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Priceless lesson from Abi

Our sweet little granddaughter, Abi had movie night at school tonight and Brett had to work. So, Barry and I got to take Abi up to meet her friend so they could ride together to the school. The movie, popcorn and a can drink would cost $3 so Barry gave Abi a $5 dollar bill. She was s0 very excited about going to movie night. When the movie night activity was over, Jessie's mom brought Abi back to us. When Abi got in the van with me, she said "Nana, I still have some money left." I said "Well, you can keep it or you can give it back to Papa since he gave it to you." Very quickly Abi added "Oh, I don't have his money anymore. I gave his money to the teacher at school. This is my money that they gave me for buying stuff." So, I told her that she should keep it then and could not wait to tell Papa about it when I got home. What a sweet understanding Abi has about who gets the change. Papa's money is at the school. Grandchildren bring us so much joy.