Thursday, January 31, 2008

A little Valentine

If you are looking for the QKD Round Robin details they are here today: This is the location for the next 3 day leg. I will post an entry for that later.
But for now here is a cute little Valentine.
All of the cardstock for this entry is Stampin Up. I used the QuicKutz 2X2 heart die cut to make the scallop, circle and heart on the front of the card. There is crystal glitter on the heart and a clear rhinestone. I used the Stampin Up slit punch to make the closure for this folded card. I cut the Real Red cardstock 3X5 and folded it. Then, I trimed 1/4 of an inch off of the front fold to create the allowance for the closure.
Here's the inside: Be Mine is a Queen Kat Designs stamp and is stamped in Stampin Up's Pretty In Pink Classic ink. The hearts are punch outs from the QuicKutz heart die cut that is also on the card front.

And here's the To: and From: on the back. This stamp is of unknown origin (sorry). It was in one of those Christmas sets from Hobby Lobby that are not marked except for on the package and the package is long gone. This image blurred a little when I cropped the photo but the stamped image is not blurred. I have been very pleased with the Hobby Lobby sets.
See ya later!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Juliet's 3rd challenge

Details were here for today's challenge. I tried to duplicate the colors of the logo and also included a "Kat" and a crown for the Queen of Everything!
The challenges for the next 3 days will be announced here tomorrow. Check back.
All of the cardstock I used were by EK Success. and the stamps are Stampin Up stamps that I have wanted to use ever since these challenges began. No bling on this one--yet!
See ya tomorrow. I have to go link my post!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Juliet's challenge-day 1 here is where you will find the details. This one was a REAL challenge for me since I do not own a crown stamp or thought I did not until late tonight. I searched out clipart and found this lovely queen and printed it out on my printer. The colors are beautiful. My cardstock is Bazzill in an almost cardboard color and pale pink. The clipart has pale pink, flesh tone, soft grape, deep berry and a soft red. You can google closeup of a queen clipart and check it out for yourself if you like. It is truly pretty. I had the pieces but then nothing for a stamped image so I began to dig in my stamp collection and found a stinkin crown stamp with the word Princess under the crown! A Dollar Tree stamp that really could have saved me some scampering had I not buried it so deep. I used Stampin Up's Perfect Plum to stamp the word Princess and a few Paisley images for a background. The Paisley stamp is from Stampabilities. I added some chocolate brads and some chocolate sheer ribbon for shimmer. I will have to make another of these since I teach 2 girls in Young Women on Sunday. They are Daughter's of God and therefore each a Princess.
Well, off to bed for tommorrow brings another Queen Kat Designs challenge!

My DIL sings on Soundclick

You MUST hear her. The name of the song is For Me Alone. It is beautiful and her voice is amazing. I want you to listen to the music, the sound of Lindsay's voice and the words of the song. She will be pursuing music more when she graduates from college this year. She has so much potential. The song itself will strenghten you. Go now and enjoy! Download it to your MP3 player!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kelly's challenge This is Kelly's blog address which you have to go see. She is such a precious person. She has the best recipes and the best links. Well, you just gotta go see for yourself.
The rules are : Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
Open the book to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people.
Funny, the closest book to me was the Ultimate guide to the perfect Card by Linda LaTourelle.
Page 123 is quotes, expressions and sentiments for Son
And the next 3 after the fifth are: My Little Man My Little Prince Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
Ok, if you read this it means you are tagged. Leave me a comment so I can check your blog for your post, please.
I did learn that the next 3 day leg of the Queen Kat Designs Round Robin of challenges will be here starting tomorrow!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Alex's 3rd challenge

Sew fun! This one took me just a second to decide what I wanted to do. I love the art of using thread on these Marvy punches though I forget what it is called. I believe it's something like Spirelli. Does anyone know? This card is a textured cardstock from Colorbok in pink, white and a dark olive green with a Stampin Up designer paper series that I do not remember the name of. I bet someone knows that! The stamp is from the 6th series of Studio G $1.00 clear stamp sets at Michael's.
Tomorrow is a day of rest but the challenges will continue on Monday. I will post the location as soon as it is final just in case it has to be moved at the last minute again. Thanks for following along and I will be awaiting the challenge details myself. See ya Monday.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Alex's 2nd challenge

Challenge details here: Go get them and create an entry!
Here is my shaker card for today's challenge. It is Stampin Up Real Red cardstock, The Paper Studio's pink polka dot designer paper, a bright pink frame from a mixed media pack from Colorbok and a few punches from Stampin Up, Marvy and even a Cricut bright pink heart die cut. The shaker is filled with crystal glitter and some red, pink, bright pink and white heart punch outs. The fibers are Kat's Style Fibers and you can get them here . The Be Mine stamp can also be found there since it is from a Queen Kat Designs mini stamp set. It is stamped in Stampin Up's Real Red Classic Ink.
I am off to the Souper Stamper Club meeting at Susan's Don't be jealous. Get over to her website and find out how you can become a member of our club.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alex's challenge-day one

Now this photo came out clear. Why don't they all? I am pleased with this card. It's BRIGHT. I have had my 6 year old reading The Beasty Story on my bed to me as I completed this challenge. 6 year olds bounce while they do everything! (see the blurred sentiment)
The lime cardstock is from a Mixed Media Pack by Colorbok. The lavender (that you can't really tell is lavender) is from a pack of textured cardstock by Crafts Etc. The stamps I used are Butterfly Kisses(a 30 image set) by Papertrey Ink. The inks I used were Stampin Up Lavender Lace and Lovely Lilac. My son told me to add the "purple shiny things". Both of my sons love to make cards for people.
Tomorrow's challenge will be here too There's still a lot of fun to be had and stamps to be given away. Join us for the rest of the round robin.

Change in location for the next 3 days of challenges

There has been a change in the location of the next 3 days of the Queen Kat Designs Round Robin challenges. Details of today's challenge are posted here at Alex's blog I just found out about the move myself so I will get to work on my entry and will post it later tonight. Come on join the fun. You could win a great set of stamps.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bev's Tropical ATC

Here is my entry for the Tropical ATC card. It's a pale blue cardstock with some brown cardstock "sand". The tree and the flamingo are Jolee's Boutique stickers. Journey is a Delta stamp and it is stamped in black Archival Ink. Kinda fuzzy-my apologies.
The QKD Round Robin moves to a new location tomorrow. Check here for the new challenge .

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bev's challenge-Day 2

Use lots of color- I DID. I counted 15 shades of color in the designer paper plus the 2 bright colors of Textured cardstock and 1 more with the Stampin Up Lavender Lace ink. If we are counting the ribbon as another shade then that makes 19 colors on this entry. WOW! The sentiment is a Queen Kat Designs stamp from the Lucky You set. This photo is no where near as bright as this card is. Wish you could hold it in your hands! It is really pretty. The fun challenge details are here today
If you do not have a Stampin Up design consultant, you can borrow mine. She is fabulous and you can find her here We are having a fun, fun, fun Souper Stamper Club meeting this Friday. Listen, a plane ticket, a bus ticket or just a few gallons on gas in your own car would be well spent to come join us. I have honestly been counting down to girl's night out at Susan's. Hope you get in touch with her soon.
See you back here tomorrow with a new entry for tomorrow's Queen Kat design's challenge.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bev's challenge of the day-use black, white and any shade of grey

Here's my entry-finally. A mish mash of products that were floating around in my stash. I know that the snowflakes came from Wal-Mart at Christmastime. The Winter Wonder stamp is from a set of Hobby Lobby set and is stamped in Cotton White Staz On Opaque.The ribbon is from the stash of ribbon that Debbie sent me in the blog candy that I won a few months back. The rhinestone brad was in the grab bag that I purchased from Queen Kat Designs store The textured cardstock is from a pack of paper that I bought at Hobby Lobby.
Another fun challenge! Y'all go here to participate in the next few days of challenges.
I have new photos of our granddaughter, Journey. I will post them in the morning after I crop them a little. G'night.

Great clearance deal I got at Lowe's

These great ribbon dispensers were only 2.99. Hubby bought me 2! I have them stacked (they do not lock together but they nest nicely). It did not take me long to fill them up either. Can you see the little slots in the front for the ribbon to feed through. The bottom compartment holds small pieces of ribbon that is not on a spool. So neat!

And these great 6 drawer organizers.He also bought me 2! He got me one for Christmas so I am taking 1 apart and adding 3 drawers to the other 2. I will have 2 9 drawer organizers and they have wheels so they are handy to roll around.

The drawers hold a lot too. I have 13 SU punches in this drawer(yikes, I gotta get more; can't have 13 of anything)

I will be posting my card later tonight for the Queen Kat Designs challenge. Come on back now, you hear!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Queen Kat Designs Round Robin is moving on

From the 21st to the 23rd you will find the challenge details here:
I just got them myself so I will be working on an entry for this challenge tonight.
Gotta pull out my black, white and shades of grey(hint, hint)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Pioneer Woman Cooks and makes me laugh and laugh and laugh

Y'all have to go read this recipe and more of her other recipes. Her blog is fabulous. Oooops, some people say that I say fabulous a lot. Well, just go check out the recipe and I bet you will be adding The Pioneer Woman to your favorites (like I just did).
Now, I really must go prepare the lesson that I have to teach in the morning at church. Oh my goodness, I have waited until the last minute again but I was REALLY hoping for the 3 inches of promised snow. Darn weather man. It has rained ALL day. I don't know how he sleeps with all the broken promises hanging over his head!

Please watch this and pass this link on for the family of Alex DeVinny

I happened upon this blog
I read down to find this video on one of the posts:
I also know a sweet, young girl who suffers from this disease. She has an amazing voice and such a love for God. I pray that He heals her.

Another card for Nancy's challenge---------------the writing's on the fence!

Challenge details here:
My card is made from the same cardstock paper as my previous entry. The stamps are from Queen Kat Designs Lucky You set and stamped in Stampin Up's Regal Rose ink. I stamped my images and then cut the card to look like fence posts. I attached them to the back slats(you can barely see) with pop dots. The dimension is really nice. This reminded me of some days gone by. Did you ever write on the bathroom walls at school? Shhh. I did! I wrote Steph loves Robin forever and ever. We were boyfriend and girlfriend from 8th grade till just after I graduated high school. Inseparable back then. Well, he is still a friend to my entire family. He finally became a father just over a year ago for the first time. He has a birthday coming(February 7th) So, if you know him... send him a card!

Now that's a BIG television!

For those of you who have been following my blog awhile or who know me personally, you know my husband has been losing his vision for many months. He struggled to get to work and be successful at hiding just how bad his vision had gotten. Last week, he could not fake it anymore and had to take short-term disability leave. He is having a hard time not doing anything. He can't see to do any of the things he enjoys. Yesterday, we went and got him a 73' television. I just tried to take a photo of it but he and the boys are watching Peter Pan and it glares too bad. It is huge and he still can't see it as good as we can see a normal size tv. He is up wandering the house at all hours of the night because he has not yet gotten used to not being at work on 3rd shift. Somedays I want to sleep in! I don't know what I am going to do with him. He says every morning "What are we doing today?" He will be 55 in September and if the vision loss continues, could be legally blind by then. We are going up to Duke to see a doctor who does some trial things to see if she can help. His appointment is Feb 4th. He has been a hard worker all of his life. His father (former Greenville News Circulation Manager) had him helping with newspaper routes before he was 10 which taught him good work ethics. At times during his first marriage, he worked 3 jobs to support his wife and 6 kids. He is lost without work. Please keep him in your prayers and I promise to update you on the trip to Duke University. Thanks a ton!
I also have an idea for another pink, white and black card for Nancy's challenge so check back later this evening. I will get to work on it and post it later.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Inkcicles challenge-use pink, black and white

Scroll down for the location of today's challenge in my previous post.
Here is my card for Nancy's challenge for today. It's bright pink cardstock from a Mixed Media Pack by Colorbok. The black cardstock is Textured Cardstock by Crafts etc. The flower is from Queen Kat Designs' Lucky You stamp set. The sentiment is from a Stampin Up set that hopefully someone will recognize and let me know which set to put it back into. The little set of matchbook emery boards were a little something I bought for the attendees of a Mary Kay party that I had a few years ago. I remembered them when I read Nancy's challenge this afternoon and luckily found them under my sink in the bathroom. I knew it would be a perfect attachment to this card. Now, that flower needs a little pink rhinestone but I am all out of pink ones. Sounds like an emergency trip to the new scrapbook store in town in the morning! I know you girls know what I mean. Hope y'all are enjoyin' this round robin with QKD as much as I am. See you back here tomorrow now!

Queen Kat Designs

********************** My King Cat Adam**************
Here's my King Cat, Boy and my son, Barron. We do not have any Queen Cats. However, the Queen Kat Designs challenge is here today
I will post my entry later today. I just had to share my cute photos.
Do you see my cat's beautiful blue eyes? He is gorgeous and sooo sweet. Unless, of course, you open the door and have food in your hand! He kept trying to eat the strap on my camera because it was hanging down when I took this photo. My granddaughter, Abigail, gave us the cat. She said she would save me a white kitten when her gray momma cat was pregnant. The daddy cat was gray too so we were not worried about having to take a kitten. Boy was the only white kitten with gray markings that she had. Lucky for us, it was a male kitten. We (Nana and Papa) could not say no when she brought Boy to us.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow day-view out my back door today.

I do not even understand why but I had no internet most of the day. Then late this afternoon, I had limited internet. I could not go to my own blogspot and several other hot spots that I visit daily. Funky internet.
The QKD challenges that I have been doing is here today.
I had a long day. Moved some furniture around. Think I overdid it. My back is achey. See y'all tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You Made My Day!

I want to thank Laura The Stampin' Soldier for giving me the You Make My Day Award. She is so precious. Please visit her blog here... And as the rules state, here are my 10 nominations for the "You Make My Day Award"

1. Susan Moore (This link has been corrected. Please try again)
2. Joan Wood
3. Michele Kovack
4. Kim Hughes
5. Tracy Durcan
6. Cambria Turnbow
7. Kurtis Amundson
8. Tanis
9. Bela
10. Kendra

These are blogs that I have in My Favorites. I visit them almost daily.

Award rules: Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on.

Tanis' challenge #3- Versamark it!

Challenge details are here
/2008/01/challenge-three-versamark-it.html You have until midnight tonight!
Here's my card for the challenge. It's Bazill cardstock in chocolate, vanilla and light pink. The designer paper is Baby Gretel by American Crafts. The sentiment is a phrase that I saw this morning at Cracker Barrel on mugs, t-shirts, plates, and note paper. I typed it into Word and printed it out on my printer in brown ink. The chocolate cake, plate, fork and swirl are from the Technique Tuesday stamp set Icing On The Cake. I stamped the fork, plate and swirl on light pink cardstock in SU Pretty In Pink ink and the slice of cake is stamped in Versamark Watermark ink on chocolate cardstock.
This verse would make a fabulous stamp design for those of you with influence! Another cute verse I saw was "I would give up chocolate, but I am no Quitter!" I loved that one too. How about "Simply said we all have a price, mine is chocolate."
Stamp designers take note!!! I know that I would buy that set of stamps.
See y'all back here tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tanis' challenge #2- Use Red, light blue and vanilla

More challenge details here
My card for this challenge is SU Real Red, Bazzill light blue and vanilla colored cardstock. The stamps are the Queen Kat Designs mini stamp set that I won last week. Don't you love them? There are 3 more stamps in the set in addition to the two used here. I used the SU ticket punch to shape the corners so I could add red rhinestones in each corner. I also used SU Real Red ink for the stamping. It needs something else. Maybe some patterned paper but the heat is on. I have to help the boys get their homework done!
Another challenge tomorrow.....gnight.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Remember falling in love with your forever love?

My most memorable Valentine's "gift" was not necessarily a thing one can name. It was more like magic.... My sweetheart has 11 brothers and sisters who all have a boat load of children. My FIL has a family party building that we gather in for family parties. I met my honey in January so the first family party I was invited to was the Valentine Party at the Earls' party building. I was so nervous that I played hooky from work that day and worried myself sick over whether to get him something with hearts and love "crap" on it. I opted out of the love "crap" and bought him a board game to play with his 6 children and my 2 children. Imagine my surprise when we got to the party, he had arranged us a "quiet" table in the corner in a room full of over 120 family members. At this point he was unaware that I did not go to work that day. As the night went on, he wondered why I had not mentioned the roses that I got at work. I wondered where MY valentine present was and thought how wise I was not to get any hearts and flowers present for him since he obviously was not thinking hearts and flowers about me! Finally he asked if I liked the flowers that he had sent me. "You sent me flowers?" I (am sure I squealed). And with that we laughed and I told him about how I had played hooky because I was nervous and was worried that it was too soon to be thinking hearts and flowers. At the end of the family party, I called security and told them that I was coming in to my office to get my Valentine's flowers since it was Friday and I did not want them to die on my desk. Security let me in and on my desk were beautiful red roses with these little glittery heart picks stuck in them. I floated out of the office and grinned all the way home. Hearts, flowers and love "crap" all in one vase! I was soooo happy. We got married that April 26 after only knowing each other since January and that was almost 11 years ago. He is the absolute best, most important, perfect love of my life. We now have 10 children between us (his 6, my 2 and our 2), 8 grandchildren (1 more coming in Feb) and more love "crap" than any one couple should have. He writes me the sweetest letters. Sadly I got what may be my last written letter from him this past Saturday. His vision is going and has been since July of last year. He started his short term disability from work today. We are going to Duke University to see if there is anything that can be done to restore any of his vision or at least stop the loss of any more of his vision. Thanks for letting me share and remember how it felt to fall in love with my husband and love of my life.
Feel free to share your story here by leaving it in my comments.

Tanis 1st challenge-ATC card

I am not very comfortable with Artist Trading Cards. This is actually my first attempt at one. You experts can probably tell that!I tried to use the colors of the inspiration piece. The photo is blurry but I retook it 4 times and could not get a better photo. The stamps are Queen Kat designs, Katie and Co and Inkadinkado. You can not hardly read the top sentiment but it says Live Your Own Life, which I love that saying. So many people get into the business of trying to run other people's lives.
More challenge details are here.... You only have until midnight so hop to it. Good luck. Remember to check back tomorrow for the new challenge too.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Simply Stamping challenge

Challenge details are here:
My project is a cello bag of Wild Wasabi Veggies. The green cardstock is Bazzill. The horse stamp is from Technique Tuesday's Dog and Pony Show set. The TRAIL MIX letters are also Bazzill cardstock and are Cricut die cuts from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge. The photo is not the best! Cello bag glare! Quick project to keep on hand for spur of the moment hiking or any other activity.
See y'all tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nina's Day 3 Challenge-Pick your favorite stamp and....

More challenge details are here...

This is my project made with my new favorite stamp! I love the little flower. It brings back memories of my childhood. Do all kids blow on those and make a wish?
This is also the stamp set that I have been so anxiously awaiting. My package from QKD came yesterday. It is so beautiful even without color. I intended to color it with my chalks but look at it. It's so lovely that simple black on this tumbled tile is perfect. I don't know now if I willl color them. I plan to make a set of 4 of these. Would you color them?
The Round Robin party moves on to... and begins on Monday. You still have time to join in on the fun and win a mini stamp set from QKD.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nina's Day 2 Challenge-use a technique from QKD and show your project

More details on challenge are here..
My project was done using the Stamping on Tissue Paper technique listed here . I took a bunch of $1 candles to church and taught this technique to the Activity Day Girls that I teach. It was so much fun and a very easy project for my 8-12 year old girls.
I won Vicki's 3 Day challenge. Hoorah! A new mini set of stamps for me coming in the mail!!! I also got my Lucky You set in the mail today along with a grab bag of goodies. Y'all can shop here for some great items

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Queen Kat Designs Round 3 Challenge begins at Nina's

You can find the challenge here... Day 1's challenge is a no brainer for a QKD shopper. Good luck! It's not a design challenge--got you curious?
I have some friends who are going through a tough time right now with sickness in their family. Please say a prayer for the Moore family who have had a family member put on life support today.
Also, check out this miracle baby. Please watch the video and say a prayer for this family as well. You will get hooked on this faithful husband/new daddy's blog...
Humbles me.
I have been given so much. A moment to reflect and be thankful.............

Most kind and gracious Heavenly Father,
I thank You and I pray for continued miracles and comfort for these families as You work in their lives. I am grateful for the easy days I have in my life, for my healthy children, for a wonderful surrounding of family and friends who love me, a loving husband who helps me in my walk with You, for Your strength in my times of weakness, for all the numerous blessings that You bestow upon me daily and ask for all that You see that I stand in the need of. In the Holy name of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shawn Hill, a hero gives his life in Afghanistan on Jan. 2, 2008

I will be sending this card to Shawn's wife, Julie. Their neighbor was kind enough to tell us about Shawn at our VFW District meeting this past Saturday. Shawn was a husband and father of 3 sons. He had been in the National Guard since February of 1996. His friends called him a gentle giant. Fellow soldiers called him Superman and Pit Bull. He was a leader in the battlefield and will be remembered for his strength of character, his love of people, his willingness to drop whatever he was doing to help anybody, his big smile and equally big heart. I am thankful for my country and my freedom. I am mindful of the sacrifices made by heroes and their families for that freedom. I hope you will send a thank you card to a soldier this week. Go here to get the address to send a card ...
My prayers are with the family of Shawn Hill.

Vicki's 3rd day challenge-use inspiration card to create your card

This card came together so nicely. I got some new designer paper at the scrapbook store this morning. This one is for Vicki's final challenge. The party moves tomorrow. Vicki's challenges have been fun. The black and both tones of brown cardstock are Bazzill and the designer paper is Inspirables/Simply Seasonal/Harvest Floral by EK Success. A gold rhinestone for bling and a short strip of rust ribbon for texture. The black flower is a Cricut die cut from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge. The sentiment is a Studio G clear stamp from the dollar spot at Michael's. I like the colors of this card because it's unisex. The Live it Up is a challenge for the receiver to give life a go, pick up their pace or take on whatever is holding them back! So go for it.... the challenge is here and you have until midnight to GO FOR THE BLOG CANDY!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tracy's Happy Place challenge

I got a Cricut for Christmas. The challenge is to make something with a new item that you got for Christmas. My Cricut is barely out of the box! This card is cardstock and designer paper from a bundle by American Traditional Designs named Celebrate that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. The flowers and sentiment are Cricut die cuts. I added some buttons for dimension. I love the bright colors. I am sure I will love my Cricut as soon as I get to play with it more.
The challenge is here... and you have until Jan. 31st for this one.
Good luck on all the challenges!

Vicki's 2nd day challenge-use her sketch to create a card

The cardstock and designer papers are from a collection by All My Memories called Toadstool purchased here... The lace and ribbon are from the blog candy that I won here ... The stamp is an old(1996) favorite set from Stampin Up named Nice And Easy Notes. Stamps are timeless!
Check out the details for today's challenge here... You have until midnight to participate!!!

Vicki's challenge-use your favorite stamp to create a card

Polka Penquins by Stampendous. This is my favorite stamp that I own though not up to par for my work. I am still feeling yucky. I hope to be back to normal tomorrow. My favorite QKD stamp is the Lucky Me set which should arrive at my house in a few days!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Vicki's challenge for today go here for the details. We have until noon tomorrow to post our entries to win a mini stamp set from Queen Kat Designs.
I have not even started on my entry yet. I have been out on NyQuil for 2 days. I have slept most of the time since Saturday evening. One more night and I think I will be ok. I have to be 100% before Friday for the Souper Stamper club meeting. I would not want to give anyone this crud that I have had.
I will post my entry as soon as I get it done. I do not have any QKD stamps yet but my Lucky Me set should be here anyday now. I liked it for the little flower. It's the kind that all kids blow in the summer time and the little thingys float away. My mom would have a fit if we blew them in the yard because it's a weed to her. Of course, the grandkids get to blow them in her yard now. What is that all about?
My mom works 8 to 5 and then comes home and works in her yard till there is no daylight left. She can dig something up in Florida(shhh, I think that it's illegal to dig up stuff on the roadside) and plant it in her yard and it will flourish. I think she brought the fireants to SC!
Check back to see my creation for Vicki's challenge tomorrow. I am going to NyQuil out one more night. Gnight all.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Donna's challenge for Valentine's Day

Cardstock is SU Brocade Blue and Lovely Lilac. Designer paper is an unknown(sorry-it was a block that I lost the cover of). Bliss is Marcella by K and Company stamped in Archival Ink-Jet Black. The hearts are stamped in SU Lavender Lace, Perfect Plum and Lovely Lilac and is also stamp from a Marcella stamp set by K and Company. A blue rhinestone for bling and a small piece of translucent ribbon tied in a knot for softness. A lovely Valentine's Day card or anyday that you want to tell someone that being in love with them is BLISS.
A Valentine's card with no pink or red is the challenge here... The deadline is Saturday so get to it quick to get in on some great blog candy.
Have a peaceful, cardmaking day. See you back soon, hopefully.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Penny's 3rd and final challenge-use fibers on your card

Not sure, does ribbon count as fibers? I better run to the scrapbook store right quick and get some fibers. I will post another card later tonight just in case this one does not qualify.
Anywho, it's SU Night of Navy cardstock, Art Blanche designer paper by EK Success, silver translucent ribbon ($1 spool from Big Lots, snowflake stamp by Martha Stewart's Joy collection and Happy New Year from Anna Griffin's Seasonal Sentiments set. All rubber stamping done in StazOn Opaque Cotton White. And lastly a tiny blue button on the folded up corner of the double sided designer paper.
And as promised another card with REAL Fibers:

SU Real Red cardstock with The Paper Studio designer paper. Glittering Yarn sewn on. A $1 stamp from Michael's stamped in Real Red telling my honey Happy Valentine's Day!I am going to add something else in that BIG empty spot-just have not found it yet! Maybe a gift card to my favorite restaurant so my honey will take me there. Any guesses as to where that is? I have 2 copycat recipes for 2 of their great soups that are fantastic. One of them you can make into a gift in a jar. OK! OK! OK! It's Olive Garden. We just finished off the gift card that my lovely daughter gave me for my birthday. $50 goes a long way with the all you can eat Soup, salad and breadsticks lunch which BTW is available all day and night even though it's not on the evening menu.
A new challenge Monday so check back and I will post the challenge or you can check here to participate yourself! Get in on the madness!!!!
Thanks for checking my creations!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Penny's 2nd day challenge- Embossing on your card

It's SU cardstock in Real Red with unknown designer paper. The embossed image is from Cuttlebug's Winter Jelly 2X2 embossing folder set. The sentiment is Alphabits by SU that I stamped in Real Red and punched out with the 1/4 square punch. The mittens are a Sizzix die cut from SU Always Artichoke. A little white rick rack and a few brads and you have a Cookie Swap invite! UMMM good time!
Penny's Day 2 challenge is here: Come join in on the fun and the opportunity for some great stamps from Queen Kat Designs. I ordered my first set of QKD stamps yesterday. I am excited to get them. They are very affordable!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2nd card for Penny's challenge using notebook paper....

It's SU Cutie Pie designer paper. The solid green background is an Olympia paint sample(Lettuce Alone)from Lowe's. The match is amazing IRL. Sorry no name on the sentiment stamp set that is stamped with SU Green Galore. The photo is one I took from a set of frames that I got at Dollar Tree. The ribbon is a piece from the stash of Debbie at won in blog candy from her awhile back). Nothing beats freebies to make cards with!
See y'all for the next challenge....

We have a sweet, young couple at my church who quietly moved into their first new house just before Thanksgiving. I found out yesterday. I went to Kmart today and purchased this rug for $2.50 and personalized it for them. I will sneak to their new house tomorrow and put this on their doorstep while they are at work. Shhhh!
AND yes, I painted it while it was on my bed, again). My husband just bought us a new comforter set because I had spilled paint, gotten glitter glue, sharpie ink and rubber stamp ink all over the previous set. Sweet, sweet Barry. He never said a word about it while I was painting today either. Well, except "I love your creative eye. That is a really nice doormat."
Sitting on pins and needles waiting for Penny's next challenge!!! Maybe I will make another card using notebook paper while I wait. That was a fun challenge.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Use Notebook paper on your card

I used a $1 set of Studio g stamps from Michael's for the images, a mini clipboard from Provo Craft, notebook paper, a green rubber band and my SU watercolor crayons to paint the flowers. The background cardstock is Bazzill Bling. The designer paper did not have a name on it.

Today's challenge location:

This is a lot of fun. I hope you are getting in on it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Up for a challenge::: go here It's a blog party that lasts for days with GREAT prizes!

Challenge 1: find a sketch in Kat's sketch gallery and use it to make a card. I chose sketch number 35.

Challenge 2: ripoff a card from the Queen's gallery of creations and remake it.

I chose Kat's love card to case because it was so sweet. I had LOVE but it was too large for my card so I used Bliss from Marcella by K and Company. The designer paper is from a designer paper block from either Hobby Lobby or Michael's. The colored cardstock are both Stampin Up.