Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Girl's camp photos

Beginning of camp! We raised and gave salute to the flag every morning before breakfast.
The girls sang camp songs everynight. This night we had a storm so we sang in the mess hall. Thank heaven for storms. The mess hall was the only air conditioned place we had! It stopped raining afterwards so we were able to get to our cabins dry. Sweet!

The food was great! Sisters Jackie Yeargin, Susan Byars and April Yeargin worked hard to provide us some fabulous meals and great treats throughout the week. We had to have good food to sustain us for all of the fun!

The girl's had to lash something together as a skill activity. This group made a crown for the Camp Director. She also received a hat rack, a lap desk and some other great crafts by the other groups. The crafty ideas that the girls came up with generated lots of laughter.

This was a mock car accident which the girls did not know about until they heard the car horns and came out to find a car accident and they had to administer first aid to the victims. This was hilarious! We had a victim with a severed arm, a pregant driver throwing up, a pinned accident victim and a delirious passenger. What a hoot!

This is Legend Night. The older girls tell the 1st year girls the camp legend and give them a Legend Stone to wear every year for camp. They make Legend Night shirts too and each year they add more decorations to their shirts to mark each year of camp.

Every morning, lunchtime and evening we gathered around the flagpole for instructions, devotions and some singing too.

Our service project was spreading mulch around Camp York. The girl's were great. They worked hard and had fun doing the service.
I wish that I had taken a photo of the hill down to my cabin. I thought I would die before Saturday. It's a good thing I did not have a heart attack since I broke my cell phone the second night at camp. I must have climbed that hill 45 times. I probably would have lost weight if the food had not been so good! Next year, I must be thinner before Girl's Camp!
Thanks for lookin'. I can now get to craftin some cards for you to look at since I can post photos again. Yippee.
My darling husband reorganized my craft area for me while I was out of town. Does anyone else have such an insane husband? Nothing was were I had it and it needed to be. I could not sit at my table and do anything. I pouted for 12 days and then redid it myself. I got a new camera and a camping trip to Lake James out of the pouting! I bet he won't reorganize anything else of mine!
I also get a new phone today since this is finally our upgrade date. Two weeks with a broken cell phone bites! I have had no lcd screen on my phone since camp. The cameral lcd screen broke on the temple trip. Me and LCD do not get along!
Check back for card photos soon!


Lynsey said...

Too fun! It looks like Girls Camp was a huge success!

Susan said...

Love your camp photos! It reminds me of Girl Scout camp - hills, no ac, great food and fun!

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