Thursday, February 7, 2008

The men in my life

Here are my men just outside the NC Estuarium in Washington, NC and there are 32 of these crabs all over The Inner Banks. All are painted differently by local artists. We had fun spotting them. I think we saw about half of them.
This one had a map of the Pamlico Sound on it. There was even a little YOU ARE HERE on it so we could see where we were. After a really nice walk on the Boardwalk, we headed to Bath. Bath is where Blackbeard the Pirate lived until he was beheaded. The legend says that his headless body swam around the boat 7 times before it sank just off the Ocracoke Island. After Bath, we drove on out to Swan Quarter and then over to Lake Mattamuskeet. This is a photo of my men standing by the edge of the lake. We were almost to the end and ever so glad to see the other side at this point. CLICK ON THIS PHOTO to enlarge it so that you can see the thousands of swans that were all over this lake. We were amazed to see this. I wish we had stopped and taken pictures when they were closer to us as we were crossing the lake. The weather was awesome for nearly our whole trip. It began to rain on the way home but it was a soothing rain. The boys slept for hours and it made the long ride home so much easier.
No changes yet in Barry's vision. Dr. Fekrat gave him a shot of Avastin in his left eye. We go on the 18th for the shot in the right eye. He can have 3 shots in each eye. Each shot has to be a month apart. This treatment has only been available for 3 years but they have had great success with it. Please remember him in your prayers and me too(for my lack of patience). I want him to see 20/20 in both eyes so he can see the faces of our children and grandchildren.
My apologies for taking so long to post what is going on with him. Our cell phones, our house phone and the email in box has been full of loved one's messages checking on him. We truly appreciate all of the love and concern that everyone has shown for him. He is so precious to me.
Barry had an appointment today and I was able to get a 30 minute nap in the parking lot at the doctor's office while the boys quietly did their homework in the car with me. Amazing, huh? Still wiped out. Forgive me if I have repeated any info in this post. I can not remember what I have posted this past week. I am going to bed earlier than usual so I can catch up on some rest. Gnight.


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