Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pooka's last challenge

Here are where you can get the details
I will have to miss this one. I did not pack shrink plastic (don't know why) I was able to stop in a Michael's an hour from here earlier and get some. However, I have tried the microwave, the hairdryer and heated prayer and none of those are shrinking the shrink plastic. I thought about sneaking up to the waffle maker in the continental breakfast area but I am afraid that I might mess up my free waffles in the morning!
Oh, well. I have totally enjoyed the Queen Kat Designs Round Robin these past couple of weeks. I hope that the Queen will do this again. And I was lucky enough to win one of the sets of stamps that were given away. They are fabulous (that word again). You can shop here to see the 15 catagories of acrylic stamps.
I am anxious about Barry's doctor appointment tomorrow. We have come a long way with a great deal of hope resting on this specialist. He says he is not worried or anxious. He is so obedient to GOD. He is not in fear and I know that I should not be. God did not give us hearts of fear. I am weak and in great fear that Barry will not be able to recover any of his vision and that it will continue to worsen. Lord, strengthen me in my weakness.
We were able to take the boys to Bath, NC yesterday which, is where the Pirate Blackbeard lived his last days. We went to the visitor's center and watched a movie about how the town was cursed to never grow to much size! (came true, keep reading) There were no gas stations that took cards, only cash and we were on empty. We had $7 on us and gas was $3.25 a gallon. We bought the gas and left for the next station. We were so hungry and there was NOTHING for miles and miles. We finally crossed Lake Mattamuskeet and found the one and only station within an hour and a half's drive and they took our VISA! We had about 6 miles of gas left according to Durango. We filled up with gas and got some hotdogs for lunch at their deli. Let me tell you, those were the BEST hotdogs. As good as Harold's for those of you reading from Gaffney, SC. Never were we so unprepared for such a trip. It was quite the adventure. Thanks to Hampton Inn, our boys did have 4 apples to eat since we had each taken one with us after breakfast! Barry and I gave ours to Barron and Adam so they could have 2 each. We are not terrible parents, really! We just left the cooler in the hotel room because there is a McDonald's everywhere. NOT. Never go to the Outer Banks via Hwy 264 without a fully stocked cooler and a full tank of gas and CASH. Really, there is nothing but swamp land between the towns and the townspeople say they don't need that (McDonald's) kind of food 'round here. My guess is that they cook up the tourists who happen to get stranded there without cash and gas and food!
Nuff said, I am outta here. Thanks for reading and for your prayers for my family, for the emails with well wishes and the phone calls of support. You all mean so much to me! Those of you who do not blog, you should. It is very good therapy! Gnight!


kellyquinn7 said...

What a fun trip!!!


Susan said...

Praying for a good report today!

Pooka said...

Please let me know how it goes.

Also, I am in need of your mailing address. :D

Send to:

Pookascrayon AT gmail DOT com

J's Knicknacks said...

Thanks for the nice comment on our store. Hope you can make it here to Hawaii someday.

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