Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Adam is proud of the tree that he helped Barry and Barron put up and decorate. There is madness in the stringing of the lights that can not be seen in this photo. IRL the lights are zig zagged all over the tree. That would drive my mom nuts! Her wires don't show and the all white lights are in perfect rows. The boys had a ball putting all of our ornaments on the tree. We have way too many!
Notice my Snoopy stocking holder in the background. We had two of those when I was in 9th grade--one for me and one for my teen years boyfriend. I shook him and kept the Snoopies. Now they belong to my sons! I should look into what they are worth since they are dated Hallmark stocking holders! I could be rich since we also have 2 Elves from the same year(1979)You see one of them as well.
Oh, well! I had some cards to upload but my new card reader just started melting while in my usb port so I had to abort or die in a devastating home fire while trying to post to my blog. Not a happy holiday headline! Good thing I have my receipt! And my home since this could have caused quite a bit of trouble had I not been home. Hint to all: don't buy an XD Card Reader-Writer made by Digital Concepts sold at Radio Shack!
And..... a reminder to give to your local fire department this Christmas. Firefighters go into buildings without sprinkler systems all over this country and some never make it out. All public buildings should have sprinkler systems installed no matter when they were built.
Come back later. I will upload the cards when I get back from Radio Shack Thursday!
Have a blessed day.


Susan said...

Love your tree - the boys did a great job!

Brandon and Alisha said...

You're boys have grown up so much, I can't believe it. I love your tree!