Thursday, December 20, 2007

You gotta see this. It's my favorite new Christmas video. Enjoy.

My MIL's funeral was today. All went well. Our church prepared sooo much food for us all week. There are over 130 of us. My MIL and FIL had 12 children. All 12 made it home before she passed away. Both of my in-laws would have loved having all 12 together since we rarely enjoy that. Sooo many grand and great grandchildren were also able to attend. We really packed out the church. It was a beautiful service.
I will get back to posting cards in a few days. I am going to get started on New Year's cards. With my MIL's illness and death, I only got out about 15 or so Christmas cards. Sorry family and friends. I know you understand.
UPS brought my new Cricut a couple of days ago. The boys insisted on wrapping it even though I know what they got me. I am counting down to opening that box! I am also getting my motor rebuilt in my Durango for Christmas. I was afraid it was a lost cause and I love my Durango. My husband has been talking about trading it for a couple of months. Now I get to keep it. Yippee.
Check back for New Year's cards since I blew making enough Christmas cards. Thanks for all of the well wishes this past week,food,cards and flowers.(poor live plants that were sent to us-I am no green thumb)


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Hey, Stephanie!....I am glad that in your family's sorrow, you were able to be together.....130????oh my!
I LOVELOVELOVE this video you posted...Thanks for sharing!
I am anxious to see what 2008 brings us all CREATIVELY!!!.....Debbie

joan said...

steph - which cricut did you get the newer model or the first model?
i'm getting the new cricut design studio for christmas. yep it's being wrapped also! Love ya. we will have to get together more in 2008.