Thursday, January 3, 2008

We have a sweet, young couple at my church who quietly moved into their first new house just before Thanksgiving. I found out yesterday. I went to Kmart today and purchased this rug for $2.50 and personalized it for them. I will sneak to their new house tomorrow and put this on their doorstep while they are at work. Shhhh!
AND yes, I painted it while it was on my bed, again). My husband just bought us a new comforter set because I had spilled paint, gotten glitter glue, sharpie ink and rubber stamp ink all over the previous set. Sweet, sweet Barry. He never said a word about it while I was painting today either. Well, except "I love your creative eye. That is a really nice doormat."
Sitting on pins and needles waiting for Penny's next challenge!!! Maybe I will make another card using notebook paper while I wait. That was a fun challenge.


joan said...

i'm so jealous AGAIN!!!!!!

Susan said...