Monday, January 7, 2008

Vicki's challenge for today go here for the details. We have until noon tomorrow to post our entries to win a mini stamp set from Queen Kat Designs.
I have not even started on my entry yet. I have been out on NyQuil for 2 days. I have slept most of the time since Saturday evening. One more night and I think I will be ok. I have to be 100% before Friday for the Souper Stamper club meeting. I would not want to give anyone this crud that I have had.
I will post my entry as soon as I get it done. I do not have any QKD stamps yet but my Lucky Me set should be here anyday now. I liked it for the little flower. It's the kind that all kids blow in the summer time and the little thingys float away. My mom would have a fit if we blew them in the yard because it's a weed to her. Of course, the grandkids get to blow them in her yard now. What is that all about?
My mom works 8 to 5 and then comes home and works in her yard till there is no daylight left. She can dig something up in Florida(shhh, I think that it's illegal to dig up stuff on the roadside) and plant it in her yard and it will flourish. I think she brought the fireants to SC!
Check back to see my creation for Vicki's challenge tomorrow. I am going to NyQuil out one more night. Gnight all.


joan said...

hey - did you see what susan did with her NyQuil bottle - so cute! pleae get well - I definetly don't want whatever you have, but we want to see you.

Bailey has been going to Central. She went to sunday school this past week and Mancy's husband was the teacher.

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